Top Places to Find Halal Food in Singapore & Bangkok

Singapore and Bangkok are two major cities known for their massive range of local and international cuisines. But what is lesser known is that lately, you can actually find more halal food near me in Singapore and Bangkok. The rest of the article will highlight some of the top places to find Halal food in both Singapore and Bangkok starting with everything halal Singapore has to offer first.

Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza, located at the edge of Orchard Road, Singapore’s busy shopping district is not only known for many halal eateries and some of the best halal restaurants in Singapore but also an Indonesian supermarket that sells many halal and Muslim supplies. Just across from this supermarket is a halal Indonesian restaurant called Ayam Penyet Lucky Surabaya which serves one of the best and authentic rice and grilled/fried chicken dishes. Other halal Indonesian/Malay eateries include Ayam Penyet Ria, Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut and Warung Surabaya. But if you are craving western fast food, then you can just head over to the halal certified Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) located at the ground level.

Newton Food Centre

Another top halal food centre about 10 minutes walk away from Far East Plaza is Newton Food Centre. This food centre is famous among local and foreign patrons alike for its mouth watering and authentic local meals. Some of the favorites here include barbeque seafood dishes like prawns and crabs and Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisines.


The next part of the article will focus on top Halal food that can be found in Bangkok.

Platinum Fashion Mall Food Court

If you are in Platinum Fashion Mall doing your shopping and in search of Halal food, then look no further than the food court on level 6. There are two stalls serving halal food, namely Stalls P18 and P20. P18 specialises in Muslim food while P20 focuses on Indian and even Thai food. The Indian food served at P20 also include a mouth watering chicken biryani. The meals served at both P18 and P20 are really delicious and authentic and definitely worth a try.

Tom Yam Paa Nga outside Citin Pratunam

While Tom Yam Paa Nga is a modest cart, don’t let the modesty fool you as the food served here is simply mind blowing. As the name suggests, the main specialty of this eatery is Tom Yam. But it is not just any kind of Tom Yam. The Tom Yam is of course halal and is prepared with much love and tradition by the owner. In addition, the meal is also prepared with heaps of mushrooms and prawns and you can specify the level of your spiciness.

I’m sure the halal places mentioned above have got you drooling in hunger and wishing you can find out more. Don’t fret as we got you covered. For more information on Muslim friendly food, hotels and attractions in Singapore and halal hotel bangkok is famous for, or even halal restaurants in London and halal restaurants in New York, then head on over to HalalGo.