The Secret Of Turning Dreams Into Reality

What could Hollywood filmmakers, architects (also engineers) and Ancient Egyptians possibly have in common? I’m not going to waste time letting you guess and offer some possible clues. I’m going to just offer you the answer right here, right now: They first made a mental image of what they want, then draw it out on paper (or on walls), then set out to achieve it.

Sounds simple, right? Note that I said “a mental image”, not “a mental idea”. How is an image different from an idea? Pictures are worth a thousand words, you heard that many times. An image is more tangible, more ‘real’ than a fluffy, abstract, mere idea.

When I’m talking about an image here, I’m referring to a visual representation of an idea. What you can see with your eyes.
Next, I said that they draw it out on paper (or on walls, for the Ancient Egyptians’ case).

Hollywood filmmakers make story- boards, somewhat like comics, out of scripts that the screenwriters produced. They converted words into pictures which they can later produce into what we see and enjoy as movies.

Architects draft out detailed, mathematically precise blueprints of buildings they want to see erect. So do rocket scientists, engineers and other technical wizards. Sorry, my vocabulary for technical job descriptions is limited.

And, most interesting of all, the Ancient Egyptians drew those hieroglyphs, pictorial epics decorating the walls of the pyramids and tombs of Pharaohs. It was believed that these hieroglyphs not only detailed the life history of the people buried in those tombs, but rather, they were a form of storyboard for the upcoming life story, a pictorial life plan of the newborn kings, even before they live it.

So get set to work on how you can follow in their footsteps by turning uour mental images into visual representations on paper, and then transpose it onto the fabric of reality itself to manifest the realisation of the goal.