How Does a Halal Hotel Change the Game for Muslim Travellers?

With strict no alcohol policies, separate elevators for males and females, standard prayer mats, and segregated swimming pools, a halal hotel singapore, Malaysia or any other country has to offer, makes it easier and more convenient for all Muslims to experience the best things that the world has to offer. There is a noticeable increase in the number of halal hotels for the past few years available in various destinations aside from Indonesia and the Middle East. One of the fastest growing markets in the travel industry, halal tourism has grown to be worth multi billion dollars. It is expected that Muslim-friendly services will take advantage of the increased spending power combined with the fact that it is expected that by 2070, Islam will become the world’s most populous religion.

There has been notable take off of halal tourism in Asia. For instance, Japan and Thailand has already opened their first ever halal hotels in 2019 and Taiwan is set to make it their future focus. These countries have started to tap into the preexisting Muslim market. However, other halal services and products are also currently on the rise in many other countries such as the United States.

The Syariah Hotel Fujisan that opened in 2019 and constructed in Mount Fuji’s shadow is set to become the leading destination for the Muslim tourists in Japan. Aside from the mats up for hire and the standard prayer rooms, this halal hotel also shows its target clientele a thoughtful consideration. The chefs came up with a traditional menu composed of Japanese cuisines using halal beef in place of pork. Every room in the hotel also has an arrow that points to Mecca.

The strict rules about prayer, dress, and diet all mean that for most younger Muslims, going for an overseas trip might feel less liberating compared to just staying at home or close to home. Islam is the religion with the youngest median age at 23 years old out of all the world’s major religions and every halal hotel out there makes it a point to cater to the unique needs of this next generation.

Located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Antalya is popular for its vibrant party scene. However, a short distance away from the strip, there is a unique holiday experience that lures Muslims from across the globe. If you are looking for a pleasant surprise, this Muslim beach holiday might just be what you need.

The speakers play music in full blast and one area gives off the vibes of a wild pool party but the only difference is that you don’t need to worry about passed out drunks, thanks to the strict no alcohol policy of the halal hotel.

This remarkable shift makes today’s selection of halal hotel a real game change for all the young Muslims. The current state of halal tourism provides the next generation of Muslim travelers the chance to explore new areas that are not necessarily located in Muslim countries and while still making them feel at home at the same time despite being away from home.