How an Ecommerce SEO Company Conduct a Simple Web Analysis

If you are looking to engage an ecommerce SEO company to optimise your website for search engine ranking pages (SERPs), then you should look for one that is reputable and can generate results. Reputable companies like 786SEO will know how to conduct an analysis and come up with a strategic SEO plan just for you. And the first thing they will usually do is conduct a simple web analysis. Let’s look at some of the components of a basic web analysis.

Website and Goal
During a website analysis, it is best to first identify the name, address and goal of the website. The name and address will give you a rough gauge of the industry or niche that the website is targeting. This can be confirmed by perusing through the contents of the website even further. Then it will be quite easy to identify the website’s goal from there. For example, if a website is about wheelchair rentals, then the goal could be to try to get people to rent wheelchairs from the site.

Keyword Research
Next, you can conduct basic keyword research to determine the monthly search volume, competitiveness, and whether the keywords relate to the website’s goal. Websites should always contain or endeavour to include keywords that are related to its primary goal(s). For example, if your business is about halal tokyo or, then you should target keywords relevant to everything halal in Tokyo.  By targeting related keywords, there is a higher chance of the website meeting its goal and getting visitors to stay longer and make purchases on the site.

In addition, target keywords must provide an overview of the website’s goal as a whole and in the target country or city. The keywords must also identify needs by users who are looking to engage the website services, and provide resolutions on where they can buy, rent or find out more about such services.

An effective keyword research will also help to determine if a website should try to rank for the target keywords. It is advisable for a website to effectively compete for the target keywords if they have quite a reasonable search volume. This data can be obtained from using the Google Keyword Research Tool. On top of that, the target keywords should have very low keyword difficulty of zero to two for all keywords, based on data from research tools like Ahrefs. This will indicate that the keywords’ competition is moderate, and while there is some SEO competition, the competitors are mostly still beatable as they are not actively maintaining their rankings.

Target Audience
Subsequently, a website analysis will help to determine the right target audience. In addition, the analysis can also determine the target audience’s country, source of traffic (organic search, paid ads, etc), and even which devices they use (desktop or mobile). Sometimes, while a website is targeting a particular audience, this audience may not be the actual customers. For example, a wheelchair rental company’s target audience could be generally males or females with mobility disabilities, and elderly males or females with medical conditions. However, these audiences might not be the actual customers who rent wheelchairs from the website. Those that are more likely to rent could be the family members (husband/ wife/ children/ parents) of the wheelchair rental users instead.