Everything to Know About Stainless Steel Water Bottles

These days, being sustainable must be incorporated in our daily lives. The earth is already experiencing a lot of problems because of our waste, so we should do our best to help the environment. One way to become sustainable is to bring a water bottle with you instead of buying a plastic water bottle every time you are outside. By bringing your own water bottle, you are lessening your consumption of plastic, which we all know is not good for the environment when disposed improperly.

Although stainless-steel water bottle have gain a different level of popularity over the couple of years, people need to realize that these bottles have been there since 1950. Many people realized that stainless-steel bottles are more durable and healthier to use rather than using plastic or aluminum as a material.

Advantage of using stainless steel bottle
When choosing a water bottle, people tend to choose stainless steel water bottles because of multiple advantages. One main reason is that it is easy to maintain. A stainless-steel bottle is easy to clean. Aside from that, you can avoid BPA or a compound that is present in plastics. There are many studies that shows that BPA is harmful to our body.

Other than being harmful chemical free, another advantage of getting a stainless-steel bottle is that they don’t retain flavors. Of course, you won’t be using your bottle for water only. You would want to use them for other drinks such as tea or coffee. Some plastic might retain the flavor of your previous drink even after wash, making your water the next day taste like your drink yesterday.

And the best advantage of having a stainless-steel bottle is that they sustain the temperature of your drinks longer. It can keep you drinks hot or cold from 12 up to 24 hours, depending on the structure.

Stainless steel water bottle brands
There are many emerging brands for stainless-steel water bottles in the market. We have seen in the last couple of years that many people consider carrying a water bottle to be necessary. After all, it is always good to hydrate yourself.
But here are some of the popular brands that might help you when you are choosing water bottles. These brands have proven that they produce quality stainless-steel water bottles

  • Relax
  • Yeti
  • Hydroflask
  • Klean Kanteen
  • S’well

These brands are known internationally for their good and innovative products. They have multiple selection, variation of sizes and trendy colors.

Stainless-steel bottle is there so that we could have a sustainable option to replace our plastic water bottles. A little help from each person in this world can go a long way for the environment. Did you know that producing a plastic bottle consumes more energy than producing a stainless-steel bottle? As mentioned, stainless-steel bottle is very sustainable as well as cost efficient.

You might say that it is more expensive than plastic, but you are after the quality and durability. Stainless-steel bottles can last your for years and you don’t have to replace them immediately, provided that you are cleaning and maintaining them well.