Equipment Needed to Start a T Shirt Printing Business

Thinking of a business that you can release your creativity? You might want to try t-shirt printing business. This business lets you be creative with the design. Or you can just print the design that your client’s want. This business is good because it can produce a customizable item such as a custom t shirt. You client will be the one to decide. But what are the equipment that you need, for you to be able to start a t-shirt printing business?

Your business is called t-shirt printing business so you must have a good printer. In t-shirt printing, there are two ways to print a design in your t-shirt. One, is screen printing. Many people are more familiar with this. This is very inexpensive, because all you need is a screen that has your customize design and paint. However, if you are after a colorful design to print, silk screen is not really for that. Silk screen printing is more for monochromatic designs in t-shirt.

Another printing technique that you must know is the DTG or direct-to-garment printing. This requires a slightly larger investment on your end because you will need a high-quality equipment for this. There are a lot of printer available in the market, you can research on that. The advantage of this DTG printers is that you can print digital image on your t-shirt as it is.

Does not matter if it involves a lot of colors, DTG printers can print it. It can print your complex artwork easily.
Another printing technique that you may want to use in your t-shirt printing business is using heat press. Heat press technology is used for printing photos on t-shirt, but with lower cost that DTG. Aside from that, this can be used for orders that are needed immediately, because you can produce printed t-shirt with this for lesser time.

You will need computer that can help you create graphics for your design. When choosing a computer unit, you must choose a computer that has a specification that can let you create a good graphics. Tech people knows this. It all depends on your preference. What is important is that you must have a computer to connect with your DTG printer.

Program for graphics or photo editors
Similar to pen and paper, you must have a place where you can create your designs. Software for graphic creation is what you need for you to produce your designs. Of course, you will let your creative juices flow and let your hand draw the design first before it will be printed on the t-shirt.

Sometimes, clients want photos as a design for their t-shirt. For it to be clear when printed, you might need some photo editing. And you need a software for that also. Bottomline is, that you need software that will help you create design for you to print.
Other items such as cutters, silicon papers, etc. is also needed when you are establishing your t-shirt printing business.

Always remember that business require investment. You must invest on a good quality equipment for you to produce a quality product.