Benefits of Singapore Permanent Resident

Do you want to be a permanent resident in Singapore No country is perfect and expect that there are pros and cons with each country that you are going to apply for a residency. It is always better to check what are the good and the bad before deciding on a big move such as residency. To help you decide especially if you are living in Singapore already, here are the benefits that you would receive if you will become a permanent resident of the country.

Living, Entering or Leaving Singapore is easier.
If you want to work in Singapore and you are a permanent resident, it is easier for you to find a job without having a separate working permit to apply. A blue card will be given to you once your application for residency has been approved, and this will serve as your identification card. With this, entering or exiting of Singapore will be easier and lesser hassle for you.

Changing of jobs will be easier.
If you are a permanent resident of Singapore, it would be easier for you to jump from one work to another. This is because, you don’t need to have a separate working visa when you have a permanent residency card. You cannot easily change jobs when you only have a work visa in Singapore. Reason is you need to apply for a new work visa every time you will change jobs. This is risky because your can be denied with a new work visa application while having a cancelled old work visa application. In the end, you can end up not having any work visa at all.

Enjoy the benefits of Central Provident Funds
Central Provident Funds is a scheme where an employer and employee will contribute to a pension fund. This fund can be used for a different benefits such as healthcare, family protection and home ownership. Some can even use it for increasing their assets. If you are a permanent resident of Singapore you can enjoy this perks while working.

Eligibility for citizenship after number of years.
When you have been a permanent resident of Singapore for quite some time now, you can apply for their citizenship. Citizenship would mean enjoying the same privileges that a locally-born Singaporean enjoys. As a citizen, you will have a right to apply for a Singapore passport. Singapore passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. To give you an idea how powerful it is, it is second to Japan passport according to Henley Passport Index. You can enjoy entering 190 countries without pre-arrival visa arrangements.

These are all great benefits of being a Singaporean resident, however, having a permanent residency card also gives the government some rights. Government is entitled to mandate your young son to enlist to military service if he is a permanent resident card holder by the age of 16. These would mean that sons will serve in the military for 2 years and participate for 40 days in Operationally Ready National Service until they are 40 or 50 years old.

But remember, Singapore offers a lot of opportunities, including a lot of locations with cheap halal food in singapore. It is considered to be a very stable country economically, so there is no harm for you to try and apply for a permanent residency card.